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Ayahuasca Ceremony

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Ayahuasca Ceremony

Since the discovery of America and the attempt of conquest of its peoples, started a constant negation of the New World´s cultural contributions which could go against the religious beliefs and interests that were the Occidental humanity´s center of attention back then.

Thanks to its isolation from the modern world and in many cases, to the governments´ indifference, the Peruvian Amazon managed to maintain alive its tradition of the adequate use of its resources. like a ayahuasca plant
Today, some of us are looking at the Amazon with the sufficient understanding so as to value it. Perhaps, we are interested to know why, through the ingestion of a beverage prepared in the middle of the jungle, it is possible to heal a disease or simply, improve our quality of life, thank to ayahuasca.

We must recognize that humanity´s future lies in great part within our hands and in this case, it greatly depends on how much time we´ll manage to preserve the Amazon in its original state, so that we might continue having access to it and might learn to wisely take advantage of what it has to offer.

At present, the world can have access to the Amazonian Traditional Medicine (healing plants) like ayahuasca and others plants which is an adequate method to interpret and use this apparently chaotic green tangle which, in reality, works as a natural laboratory without margin for error.

ayahuasca retreat in cusco is a good porpose that Sumac coca show to the people who know about the power´s plants, there for sumac coca invate all the people to ayahuasca retreat in cusco.



The ayahuasca ceremony, is carried out in the sacred valley and it is a personal ceremony, that is the reason that we begin the service to pick you up in cusco city, then we transfer to Ayahuasca retreat house in the sacred valley, we pick up at 19:00 hours in your hotel, after that we have approximately 01 hour to arrive to our ayahuasca retreat house. Then we have a meeting with the Ayahuasca Shaman who is named “ayahuasquero”he is from Amazon of Peru-Pucallpa, who is the person in charge to analyze your personality and participate in the ceremony.
The ayahuasca ceremony begins at 21:00 hours with previous permission ceremonies that is realized by ayahuasquero shaman with different ritual include Iqaros music and tabaco rituals.
The dose that is provide to people is depend to energy grade and the mental force, the shaman don’t provide the same dose for all people.


The ayahuasca ceremony effect is come after 30 minutes that you drank the Ayahuasca dose, with a little dizziness; this is the time where the people enter to nature god’s world, the sacred plant show different visions about the events of the person that direct to itself, The Ayahuasca medicine helps to overcome interior problems to be able to live in peace with the world and with itself.
Its importance of Ayahuasca’s ceremony is a spiritual cleanliness of the body, that meets reflected in the vomit that it provokes in the persons as a way of spiritual purification
That is the reason that 95% of people will vomit because it is the form the Ayahuasca plant help and treat the people.
The Ayahuasca ceremony effect is not same in all the people, could be 3 or 5 hours it depend of power concentration that have everyone to be in the Ayahuasca world
After the Ayahuasca ceremony effect the person will be rest until the next day, in the morning if the patient want to talk about the vision with shaman is possible, but some time the people save like secret all the information that they received in the Ayahuasca ceremony. If everything is clear we will arrive to Cusco at 8:00 hours.


The diet is very important for us to be in one Ayahuasca ceremony, this begins 02 or 03 days before ceremony, you need the fallowing diet:
The diet will be completely vegetarian food.
Don’t drink alcohol
Don’t consume any drugs
Don’t use medicaments
Women, who have their periods, are pregnant or breast feeding SHOULD REFRAIN
People with heart problems SHOULD REFRAIN.
The Ayahuasca ceremony day the diet is more severe, in the morning your breakfast will be only papaya juice until 10:00 hours, after that you need to drink all day water min. 02 liters to cleaning your body, this day you don’t have neither lunch nor diner.



  • Transportation to the ceremony center
  • Ceremony Shaman (Amazon shaman-Shipibo Shaman)
  • Translator if need be


  • Tips
  • Mineral water for the ceremonies
  • Other unmentioned expenses.


  • Warm jacket
  • Rain poncho or waterproof jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Do not bring cameras or valuable objects.
  • Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • ayahuasca ceremony in cusco

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